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Terms & Conditions

  • Tour/Hire of our Waterbikes and all associated equipment are subject to these terms and conditions

  • You agree that you have inspected the equipment and consider it to be in good condition for your use.

  • You warrant that you understand how to safely use the equipment and will not avoid liability for damage on the grounds of not being familiar with operational and safety procedures.

  • You agree to pay to repair or replace any loss or damage occurring on your equipment hired from Waterbike Singapore during your period of hire or whist equipment remains in your possession or control. Damage or loss does not include reasonable wear and tear.

  • You agree to pay total hire cost for period of hire set out and if you extend your period of hire you agree to pay applicable cost of hire on return. You may return early but no discounts will apply.

  • You hire our equipment at your own risk. You release the owners and operators of Waterbike Singapore from all actions or demands due to any loss, damage, injury or deal occurring as a result of/or in association with your hire.

  • The owners and operators of Waterbike Singapore are not responsible and have no liability for any injury or death to any person or any loss or damage to your property arising out of/or associated with your hire.

  • You agree to indemnify the owners and operators of Waterbike Singapore against all actions or demands due to the use of equipment hired.

  • You agree not to re-lend or re-hire any equipment without permission from Waterbike Singapore

  • You agree to return all equipment in the same condition it was received by you.

  • You agree that you will not leave the hire area marked on the map which has been clearly shown to you and which you understand.

  • You will not moor or attach in any the Waterbike to any public or private moorings, buoys, wharfs, jetties, pontoons or any structure whatsoever and the hirer shall indemnify the provided for any liability arising out of the same

  • You will not leave the equipment unattended for any period of time.

  • Waterbike Singapore’s equipment is intended to be hired to persons in reasonable health. By making payment for hire you certify that you do not have any physical conditions or disabilities  that would create a hazard for you or others.

  • Children are to be supervised by an adult/guardian at all times while using Waterbike Singapore’s hire equipment.

  • You acknowledge that safety instructions are delivered in English only, and that you have a sufficient level of English to understand all safety instructions.

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