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Waterbike Adventures:
Experience the FIRST and best water adventure you have never done so right here in SINGAPORE. If you love to ride on land, we are very SURE you will love to ride on water as well 

The waterbike is a bike running on water, easy to ride and safe. Perfect models for all those who want to practice a recreational or competitive activity. It is for all seasons in maximum safety, without getting wet

Beach Showers


The water bike is the ideal means to enjoy nature in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way, planning fun and practical water excursions, even with the whole family.


It helps you enjoy nature and water sports in an innovative and stimulating way: similar to a normal bike, but installed on two floats instead than wheels, and with a reliable and safe catamaran shape. It can go at an impressive speed of 15 km/h on water as well. 

The Water Bike is a real bike having a lightweight frame that allows it to reach high performance, mounted on two floats and able to “cycle” on water. The ease of assembly and disassembly allows you to transport the kit in your car boot, without causing excessive clutter, as you can then assemble the bike directly on site. 
Rent or buy your waterbike from us to enjoy a truly unique experience for a day of fun


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