Waterbike Adventures:
Experience the FIRST and best water adventure you have never done so right here in SINGAPORE. If you love to ride on land, we are very SURE you will love to ride on water as well 

The waterbike is a bike running on water, easy to ride and safe. Perfect models for all those who want to practice a recreational or competitive activity. It is for all seasons in maximum safety, without getting wet

Beach Showers


The water bike is the ideal means to enjoy nature in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way, planning fun and practical water excursions, even with the whole family.


It helps you enjoy nature and water sports in an innovative and stimulating way: similar to a normal bike, but installed on two floats instead than wheels, and with a reliable and safe catamaran shape. It can go at an impressive speed of 15 km/h on water as well. 

The Water Bike is a real bike having a lightweight frame that allows it to reach high performance, mounted on two floats and able to “cycle” on water. The ease of assembly and disassembly allows you to transport the kit in your car boot, without causing excessive clutter, as you can then assemble the bike directly on site. 
Rent or buy your waterbike from us to enjoy a truly unique experience for a day of fun



Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to ride a waterbike?

Yes, it is safer and more stable than a traditional bike.

What is the Min age to join this activity?

A 8-years old child can easily use this bike.
We happened to rent a water bike to a man aged 83 years.

How safe are the watebikes?

Due to its catamaran configuration it is almost impossible to capsize.

How fast do they go?

They can go 15km/h. On tour we go slower in order for all to keep up.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, we have a life jacket when you rent with us.

Can I book a private tour?

YES, we specialise in designed tours. To book a custom package tour, send an email to

Do I need any experience for a Waterbike experience?

Our knowledgable staff will give you a comprehensive Waterbike and safety induction before commencing. Additionally, during the experience they will assist you if needed.

Do I need to be fit for a Waterbike experience?

You may ride at a leisurely pace to accommodate for most fitness levels. You may stop or rest at any point of time when you are tired.

How stable are the Waterbikes?

The catamaran configuration provides huge stability and it is virtually impossible for you to fall into the water. Unlike Stand Up Paddle boards and normal bicycles, the Waterbike does not require balance.

What do I need to bring on a Waterbike Adventure?

You don’t need to bring much other than a sense of adventure and the bare essentials. Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle. A life jacket will be provided for all participants.

Do I wear shoes?

Keep in mind that your feet will get wet when getting on and off the Waterbike so water shoes, sandals or bare feet are recommended.

What happens when it rains heavily?

Light to Moderate rain is still safe since our tours are very near to land. In case of a thunderstorm or CAT 1, we need to stop all activities and land at the nearest beach to take shelter.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel at least 30 days in advance, we'll refund the full amount.
Delays caused by incremental weathers, transportation, third party vendors or situations out of our control, any monetary loss will not be refunded. For extreme weather cancellation, you may convert to credits for your future trips with us.

What is the Maximum number of people per trip?

We can bring out a maximum of 4 persons per trip, for bigger groups, drop us an email, we’ll make special arrangements for more guides.

Where to keep my valuables?

We have a dry bag for you to keep all your valuables inside.

What happens if I want to visit the washroom?

Good to clear all your small and big business before the journey, however we can always ride back to nearby for toilet break
There are washroom and shower facilities at all the tour start and end point.

What to take note before each trip?

Just water, hat and sunblock, we've got everything else covered.
You are encouraged to wear UPF50+ rated clothes that cover your arms and legs, a UPF-rated sun protective hat, and apply sufficient sunscreen before the tour. Bring water for hydration and sunglasses if you have one. A Personal Floatation Device (PFD) must be worn at all times during our tour. In case of emergency, do not panic as we will attend to you immediately.